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Welcome to Kate’s Enviro Blog, a collection of thoughts, journeys and images connected to the Australian environment.

With successive governments loosening environmental protections, failing to take meaningful action on climate change, allowing our native species to become extinct, bullying farmers and threatening our farmland, and turning the Great Barrier Reef into a coal export hub it’s a deeply worrying and frustrating time.

I hope for an Australia where politics is free from corruption; the environment is protected from Big Business; farmland is not sold for CSG and mining leases; real action is taken on climate change, the First Peoples are recognised in the constitution; asylum seekers are treated humanely; and every Australian is treated equally by an accountable government.

Until then, the fight goes on. Thanks for stopping by!


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The Murky Waters of Dredging

Australians are becoming increasingly concerned with the impacts of large dredging projects on their delicate marine environments. After the social, economic and environmental disaster at Gladstone after large scale port dredging, local communities are concerned about the impacts on recreational & commercial fishing, tourism and… Read more

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Too Many National Parks?

The blows just keep on coming.  Tony Abbott, speaking last week at a ForestWorks industry dinner in Canberra, hailed loggers as the “ultimate conservationists” and promised to end the lock-up of timber in national parks.  Abbott told the audience that Australia has “quite enough” national… Read more

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The World Is Watching

In a recent article in the UK’s Independent, journalist Kathy Marks poses the question, “Is Tony Abbott’s Australian administration the most hostile to his nation’s environment in history?”  Marks criticises Abbott’s absolute disregard for the science of climate change and even science itself, by not even… Read more

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Environmental Unaccountability

Today we learned that our reef destroying, shark culling, forest logging Environment Minister Hunt will grant himself retrospective legal immunity.  What does this mean?  Greg Hunt will be immune from any legal challenges to environmental approvals he issued before December 31st, 2013.  Many of these… Read more

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The Silent Killer

An old but powerful message from the Surfrider Foundation about plastic pollution, the silent killer. According to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, around one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed every year by plastics. Say no to plastic bottles. Say no to plastic… Read more